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USA Friendly Mobile Casinos

Top USA friendly mobile casinoMillions of people use their mobile devices for their multimedia entertainment needs every day, and it is no surprise that US friendly mobile casino options have emerged to claim a strong presence in the mobile entertainment market. Much different from simply playing video games on your smartphone or tablet, mobile casino games allow you to wager real money and win real money. You can do this by playing the same games you enjoy playing at brick and mortar casino destinations such as Vegas, or online casinos accessed from your computer. Our mobile phones and tablets are in essence mini computing devices, and the perfect medium for enjoying high quality casino gambling on the go. This guide will provide some insight into the US mobile casino industry, including what it has to offer, the legal concerns, and what options are legally available to players in the United States. For non-US players who are looking for more information, we suggest you visit our sections for UK mobile casinos and Australian mobile casinos.

Top Mobile Casinos For US Players

This listing includes only those mobile casinos that accept USA players, and that go out of their way to provide a US friendly environment that includes their banking suite and registration requirements. As we come across new mobile casinos that accept American players and that meet our requirements for inclusion in this guide, you will see them added here. We are much more concerned with providing recommendations to quality mobile gambling destinations than having a long list here. We'd rather give you a few premium options than a long list of mediocre brands. Al of them have been reviewed by us personally, and are guaranteed to provide a legal, reputable and high quality gaming experience using industry leading mobile casino software.

Casino Name Bonus/Promotion Rating USA Software
SunPalace Casino 400% Max $10000 5 Stars Accepts All USA Players RTG
Slots Plus Casino 400% Max $10000 5 Stars Accepts All USA Players RTG
Las Vegas USA 100% Max $3000 5 Stars Accepts All USA Players RTG
Vegas Casino Online 100% Max $3000 5 Stars Accepts All USA Players RTG
Bovada Casino 100% Max $3000 5 Stars Accepts All USA Players RTG 100% Max $5000 4 Stars Accepts All USA Players RTG

Is it legal for US players to participate in mobile casino gambling?

The answer to this question can be represented by an 'if' 'then' scenario. If you are attempting to access a legally licensed mobile casino that is located and regulated outside of the United States by a legitimate governing jurisdiction, then yes, it is legal for US players to enjoy this type of entertainment. In most places in the USA, aside from NJ, NV and DE, it is not legal to operate any type of online gambling site within state borders. In this case, accessing a state based mobile casino that is not licensed and regulated is indeed illegal.

There are a number of licensed and regulated offshore mobile casinos that legally provide their services to players in the United States. These operations are allowed to do this because they are regulated by a governing body from a region that has expressly legalized online casino gambling for their territory. This allows them the option of offering their services to nearly any destination they like, including the US. There are no federal laws which prohibit US player participation in this type of legal mobile gambling opportunities. RTG mobile casinos are the most widely found US friendly options.

Players who live in one of the states that has legalized online casino gambling, such as NJ, are able to also access the state regulated mobile casinos as long as they are physically present inside the state's borders, providing an enhanced range of options. As long as you limit your mobile casino gambling to legitimately licensed mobile casinos operating legally within the industry, you are not doing anything wrong.

How do I locate and identify legitimate mobile casinos for US players?

The best way to achieve this is to rely on professional input from experienced and trusted experts. Our team of mobile gambling analysts is well equipped to assess the legitimacy and value of any online or mobile casino. They place each brand through an intense review process to verify their licensing, compliance certifications, auditing results for fair gaming practices, and their overall compliance with licensing and industry requirements. The few who pass this step are then evaluated for the strength and reliability of their security profile. Any brand who fails on either of these two categories is immediately eliminated from consideration for inclusion in this guide. Those who pass will then be examined for their performance, customer support, banking suite practices and policies, as well as the authenticity of their bonus offers and incentives. We turn each operation inside out to ensure that we only recommend the absolute best that the industry has to offer.

What types of mobile devices support mobile casinos accepting US players?

The most supported platforms are iOS and Android, which of course includes the iPhone, iPad, and a wide range of Android powered smartphones and tablets. The use of responsive technology allows these browser based applications to support a wide range of device dimensions and specs, including previous generation models of each device. This technology also allows both Windows and BlackBerry devices to engage and access the mobile casino software. As long as you are using a device that is considered one of the primary platforms, which would be iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, you will have no problem accessing the premium USA mobile casinos that we recommend. Our recommendations do span all four platforms, including the largest segment of the market, iPhone mobile casinos, iPad mobile casinos, and Android mobile casinos, as well as the smaller market share devoted to Blackberry mobile casinos and Windows mobile casinos.

Do I have to download an app to play at US mobile casinos?

In most cases no. The majority of mobile casinos accepting US players that we recommend are browser based mobile optimized applications that do not require a download of any kind. All the games included in this type of application are instant play and do not require space on your device's storage system. There are some UK mobile casinos that require downloads for some of their most complex and enhanced features, but this will not apply to any of the US friendly mobile casinos that we have approved of.

What casino games are on offer at the top mobile casinos for US players?

The most popular mobile casino game is slots. Each mobile casino we recommend in our guide has a nice selection of mobile slots games, with a few even offering 3D slot games. Additional games that you will find at the majority of our recommended brands include mobile blackjack and mobile roulette, with a small number of brands also offering mobile video poker games. With mobile casino gambling technology still being very young, we expect large strides with menu expansion taking place fairly rapidly. In other words, we think the number of games offered at each brand will continue to grow pretty quickly.

What are my funding options when playing at leading USA mobile casinos?

While some of the state based online and mobile casinos are having issues with US players attempting to fund their accounts, the legal offshore brands have already got this aspect nailed down and are not experience these issues. U.S. players have the option of using credit cards, bank wire, person to person wire (MoneyGram or Western Union), electronic check, physical check. I personally use my Visa card at the mobile casinos we've recommended in this guide and have never had any issues.

Is real money gambling at US mobile casinos safe?

From a software and data protection standpoint, we can vouch for the level of security at each of the USA friendly mobile casinos that we recommend. The level of security present with each brand is a key component in whether or not a brand is included in this guide. Another key component is the security on your device. It will typically operate optimally when users keep their software and device updates current. If all these boxes are checked, then you should not have any type of security issues when engaging in real money gambling on your mobile device.

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Top USA Mobile Casino App
Bovada is our top USA mobile casino app