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An Introduction To Mobile Slots Casino Games And Apps

Mobile slots ScreenshotWhen smartphones first emerged, they were designed to function as technology that helped manage our day to day functions in life. They have since become much more than that, delivering powerful multimedia entertainment options, including the capability to enjoy mobile slots from your smartphone or tablet. And we're not talking just a free game with 'fun money', we're talking real money mobile casino apps on your mobile device. This guide will provide you with information about your options, what devices and operating systems support these types of games and apps, and how you can safely participate at reputable mobile slots casinos. We include convenient access to the brands that we trust most and that have been vetted and approved by our team of online gambling professionals. We have provided a similar guide for other casino games, such as mobile blackjack apps, mobile roulette apps and mobile video poker apps.

Top Mobile Slots Casinos

Following are our top 5 preferred destinations for enjoying mobile slots games as well as other mobile casino games. Each of these mobile casinos has been evaluated and approved by a team of professional analysts who are trained in our specific review process. Due to its comprehensive nature, the review process takes a significant amount of time, and requires unique training in order to execute our level of examination and our strategic approach at performing them. We verify their licensing and the legitimacy of their regulatory oversight, their security profile, game performance, quality, and overall gambling environment in great detail in order to reveal the industry's leading options. The list below includes both US and non-US friendly options representing USA mobile casinos, UK mobile casinos and Australian mobile casinos, among others.

Casino Name Bonus/Promotion Rating USA Software
Bovada Casino 100% Max $3000 5 Stars Accepts All USA Players RTG
Sun Palace 400% Max $10000 5 Stars Accepts All USA Players RTG
Vegas Casino Online 100% Max $3000 5 Stars Accepts All USA Players RTG
Las Vegas USA 100% Max $3000 5 Stars Accepts All USA Players RTG
Slots Plus 400% Max $10000 5 Stars Accepts All USA Players RTG 100% Max $5000 4 Stars Accepts All USA Players RTG
Casino Cruise Up To $1000 Free 5 Stars No USA Players Accepted Microgaming

What Types of Mobile Slots Apps are Available?

Our preferred mobile slots apps are web based mobile optimized applications that are tied directly to a reputable and experienced online casino. These types of apps use responsive technology to enable their software to be used across a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones, phablets and tablets. This advanced technology automatically recognizes the device that it is being called up on, and formats the user interface perfectly for that device's display dimensions, and supports multiple mobile operating platforms. There is no download required in this case and therefore no storage space on your device has to be sacrificed to support game play. Most mobile slots casinos allow players to bookmark their website onto their device for easy one click access. There are also downloadable applications that can be found in the various app stores or directly from one of the online casinos we recommend. Downloadable applications are OS specific and in most cases the real money gambling applications found in the app stores are not accessible by US players.

How Do I Find a Safe Mobile Slots Application That Supports Real Money Gambling?

The brands recommended on this page have been vetted by professionals, and represent the most reputable and trusted mobile slots casinos in operation. We have verified their legitimacy in the industry, including their licensing and certifications, as well as closely examining their performance, customer support, banking processes, security profile and many more elements of their operation. Relying on professional input when selecting a mobile slots application to use will help players avoid dangerous and low quality options that place their sensitive data at risk.

What Types of Devices are Supported by Mobile Slots Casinos?

The industry leading Internet casino brands have developed mobile casino software that supports the four primary mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. Below is some information on each platform and what you can expect

Android Slots

Being one of the two most popular mobile operating systems in the market, it is not surprising that most of the top rated browser based mobile casino applications support the Android platform. While there are some real money gambling applications found in the Google Play Store (most of which are not accessible by US players), most of the Android mobile casinos that we recommend are browser based mobile optimized applications offering instant play slots options. There are multiple types of slot games available for Android users, including video slots, classic slots and sophisticated 3D slot games (found at Bovada and casinos). Some of the non-USA mobile slots casinos even offer progressive slots. They come with a user interface specifically engineered for use on mobile phones and tablets, therefore you will have no trouble with functionality on a smaller display. The slots game menu at these mobile casinos is not as lengthy as their full service online casino; however each brand is adding games to their menu regularly. Keep in mind that mobile gambling technology is still rather new.

iPhone Slots

The Apple technology cult is alive and well and the mobile slots developers don't mind catering to it. iPhone users bring a huge player base to the mobile gambling arena and their iOS powered devices make up the lion's share of the mobile market, running neck and neck with Android. Like the Android platform, iPhone mobile casino apps that we recommend utilize responsive technology to span all their mobile products. The retinal displays found on the most recent versions of the iPhone render a stunning visual experience, with the fast processor more than able to support complex game play perfectly. There are multiple types of real money slot games for the iPhone, including video slots, classic slots and 3D slots and in some cases, progressive slots as well. The Apple iTunes App Store does allow real money gambling applications, however, with the exception of one mobile casino that requires a downloadable application for their expanded gaming offerings, all of the mobile casinos we recommend are browser based instant play platforms.

iPad Slots

Playing slots on your iPad is the same type of experience that you would have on your iPhone, just on a larger screen. The iPhone and iPad are the two devices that every single mobile casino supports, hands down. While the technology is still evolving and eventually all mobile platforms will likely be equally supported, the iOS devices are definitely a focus by every brand. As with the iPhone and Android slots apps, the majority of our iPad mobile casino recommendations are web based mobile optimized applications that provide instant play slots games to your iPad. One brand (non-USA only) offers an extra optional downloadable casino application for access to expanded features. Players will find video slots, classic slots, 3D slots, and at some non-USA casinos, there are even progressive slots in the mobile casinos.

BlackBerry Slots

Blackberry users will benefit most from the browser based slots apps that are available. Being a much smaller player base, not all applications are engineered for the BlackBerry operating system. The Blackberry mobile casinos that we recommend are able to include all of the primary mobile platforms due to their use of responsive technology that has the specs for the BB devices included in its development. The casinos that offer an optional downloadable application do not always engineer one for BlackBerry devices, at least at this point. All of the web based mobile slots apps included in this guide can be accessed from BB smartphones and tablets. The game menu for BlackBerry slots includes classic slot games, 3D slots, video slots and on occasion you'll find progressive slots as well.

Windows Mobile Slots

Like the Blackberry brand, the Windows player base is significantly smaller than the iOS or Android base. This being the case, web based applications are compatible with Windows mobile smartphones and tablets, though some of the downloadable apps are not. Microsoft has made huge strides in enhancing their mobile operating system, and the Windows powered devices have experienced a surge in sales and popularity because of it. Though they are not yet enjoying the same type of numbers that Apple and Android are, they are indeed on the map again. Because of this, we expect to see developers catering a bit more to this platform. However, when it comes to playing slots games on your Windows mobile phone or Surface tablet, we believe that the web based Windows mobile casinos are the optimal option for all mobile users. The same selection of slot games are available for Windows mobile users, including classic slots, video slots, 3D slots and some progressive slots.

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