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Mobile Casino Software Platforms

The number of mobile casino software platforms you can access is now is nearly as large as the number of online casino software platforms that are available. The online casino operators recognize the value of integrating their casino gaming offerings into a mobile venue, and have invested in the development of a mobile version of their casino software. This ensures that when you do make the decision to start playing your favorite casino games on a mobile phone or a tablet, you will have plenty of reliable and reputable casino brands to choose from.

As with any product, there are of course many different features and benefits to using one mobile platform over another. To assist players in making informed decisions concerning which mobile casinos will best serve their needs, we have compiled an informative guide which will provide with helpful information regarding what each of the major mobile casino sites have to offer you. We take a look at their current suite of mobile casino games and any additional features attached to their respective mobile software platform.

Below you will find an overview of five of the most popular online and mobile casino game developers who have all launched their own mobile casino software platform. For more information on any one of them simply follow the respective links to more in-depth information.

RTG Mobile Casino Software All USA Accepted

RTG Mobile Casino SoftwareRTG also known as Real Time Gaming is by far the most popular casino software available to USA players. While they have been somewhat behind the curve with development of mobile casino games, in 2014 some of the more reputable casinos running on the RTG platform have finally started rolling out some of the more popular casino games available on mobile. While Real Time Gaming still has some catching up to do in terms of offering a full mobile gaming suite, at least players can finally enjoy some of the more popular RTG games on their mobile devices with more and more games being released every month. This is still the go-to software for most players who reside in the United States looking for USA friendly mobile casinos. Check out our list of rtg mobile casinos which includes a list of games currently available for mobile play.

Microgaming Mobile Software Platform No USA

Microgaming Mobile Casino SoftwareMicrogaming is far and away one of the most trusted brands for UK players. They have more than 20 years of experience in the online gambling industry, and their entrance into the mobile gambling scene is a welcomed one. They deliver one of the largest game selections for mobile devices, and one of the smoothest, feature rich mobile gambling experiences available. They do not participate in the USA market at this time; hence only non-US players are accepted at their multiple mobile and online casinos.

Microgaming has always been considered an innovative brand, keeping stride with cutting edge technology and advancements nicely. Concerning online gambling, they offer the largest game selection of any online casino software platform, with many of the online casinos within their network offering 500+ games. The sheer range of games offered is astounding, and their consistent and reliable performance as well as their user friendly and feature rich interface has earned them a reputation as a premium industry leader.

Microgaming has launched both downloadable games which work seamlessly on all of the primary mobile operating systems, and is responsible for operating iPhone casino apps, iPad casino apps, Android casino apps, BlackBerry casino apps and Windows mobile casino apps. Microgaming has included several of their 'gold' version casino games in their mobile options, which is a premium version of their software with enhanced graphics, faster, smoother game play and additional features. They are also working extremely diligently on ensuring that their web based mobile optimized application also offers an incredibly robust game selection and they add game titles to the menu regularly. Learn more about this innovative brand in our Microgaming mobile casinos which lists the top mobile casinos on the Microgaming platform, and a thorough review of their mobile software.

Playtech Mobile Software Platform No USA

Playtech Mobile Casino SoftwarePlaytech is another industry leading online gambling brand that caters to international players and is responsible for some of the most trusted and reputable UK mobile casinos in the business. They have the most comprehensive approach to online and mobile gambling from among all the reputable software platforms out there. Their range of online casino games is impressive, and they have seamlessly integrated their offerings into a mobile environment. Their mobile gaming suite is substantial, and features many unique options that the other brands have not offered.

Playtech is the only brand that offers mobile roulette, mobile blackjack and slots tournaments, as well as live dealer games available for iPhone and iPad users. They offer both downloadable and instant play options and an impressive game menu as well. Like their online gambling offerings, their mobile gambling repertoire also includes sports betting, financials wagering, bingo and poker, which is something that most mobile casino brands cannot compete with. Their approach to gambling is extremely comprehensive.

Should you desire additional information as to what the Playtech Mobile Casino Platform has to offer, then checkout our Playtech mobile casinos guide on their mobile suite of games. Their downloadable options are compatible with iOS and Android devices in most cases, while their instant play also supports Windows and BlackBerry devices as well. There are a few offerings which are only compatible with the iPhone and iPad at this time, however we expect their range of supported devices for each game to expand rapidly.

IGT Interactive Software No USA

IGT Mobile Casino SoftwareYou will probably associate IGT with land based casino slot machines. This brand has been designing, manufacturing and supplying hundreds of land based casino destinations with innovative slot machines and progressive games for years. It is often their range of licensed and branded slots that players most enjoy playing at the brick and mortar casinos in the premium gambling regions such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Common slots that might ring a bell include Wheel Of Fortune, Megabucks and Wolf Run.

IGT did launch an online casino gaming software platform several years ago. They entered the online gambling arena by purchasing the already established Wager Works brand and integrating it into their business. This buy out deal enabled them to fast track the roll out of online casino games which are available to play at several popular online casinos. Their games are available through instant play options, and do not require players to download any software onto their computers.

With the success of their online casino gambling initiative, they naturally proceeded to get involved with mobile casino game options as well. They have successfully launched their own mobile suite of games through via their trusted IGT Interactive brand. They have become a trusted and reliable participant in the mobile gambling niche, and provide some of the most enjoyable games available for play on smartphones and tablets. For more detailed information on this software brand, take a look at our IGT mobile casinos which offers insight to this award winning software. This review will provide you with an overview of their game suite, with a preview of their most popular games, and the details on their casino software offerings.

NetEnt Touch Mobile Casino Software Platform No USA

Netent Mobile Casino SoftwareWhile NetEnt may not have been the first brand to make news by launching a mobile version of their casino, they are in the game. They launched their mobile casino platform to include some of their most popular games, and have seen a favorable response from their player base. It is in the best interest of any online casino brand to recognize the value of adding a mobile initiative to their repertoire, and NetEnt is among those who wisely chose to invest in the mobile casino software development.

NetEnt does not provide the range of mobile casino games that the other brands bring to the table, but the ones that they do have on offer are very nice. Those players who enjoy games from this software brand will find them readily available via multiple mobile casino operations. Their performance is reliable and consistent, and their mobile interface is easy to use and provides some nice features.

Checkout our guide to the NetEnt mobile casinos, where we have provided a preview of their mobile casino games, as well as some detailed information about their software platform, including information on their features and device requirements. We encourage you not to discount this brand based on their game selection. While their game menu is still being developed, the options available offer a unique and high quality mobile gambling experience.

Probability Mobile Casino Software No USA

Probability Mobile Casino SoftwareThere is one additional mobile casino gaming platform that is worth noting, and that is the Probability Mobile Casino platform. The Probability brand originally started out just designing mobile casino games which are unique and had never been seen in the online gaming environment before. However their mobile games have proven so popular with players they have now made them available to online casino players as well. This up and coming brand bears consideration, and we wanted to include them among the brands that we recommend to visitors.

Most casino gambling software developers and brands were already established in the online gambling industry, and then integrated their existing game suite into a mobile optimized environment. Probability however began solely as a mobile casino game brand, and then got involved with the online casino scene. They are not conformists, and while they may not be quite as well known as some of the larger operations, players who try them out usually stick around for more and become a loyal member of their player base.

They offer some unique options, and a strong performance with both their mobile casino games and their online casino games. We were pleased with their user interface and their mobile casino features. We can easily recommend them as a trusted and high quality mobile casino experience. Our review of the Probablity mobile casino software platform provides multiple game previews to give you an idea of what they have to offer to players.

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